"Human-centered designers are unlike other problem solvers—we tinker and test, we fail early and often, and we spend a surprising amount of time not knowing the answer to the challenge at hand." -Tim Brown, IDEO
Kristie is a soon-to-be graduating senior as a Communication Design  major in May, 2018. To her, experience is the greatest knowledge, curiosity is her strength, and she is not afraid to jump on board a quirky idea.
Focused on UX/UI + Visual Design, and Photography, she enjoys using design thinking to create empathetic solutions.
Her experience as a freelance photographer, primarily working with local publications from the age of twenty to twenty-four, has taught her the importance of observation. She believes that this is what ultimately led her to truly enjoy Interaction Design and the importance of human interaction with digital products. 
In 2016, she interned at Texas Monthly Magazine as an Advertising and Sales Development intern and was hired as a photographer for their TMBBQ marketing events. Currently, she is collaborating with a team of students composed of Design, Business, and Computer Science students to create a mobile app. She also spends one hour a week devoting her time to teaching fifth graders computer programming at Travis Elementary in San Marcos, Texas.
Her interest include  IoT (Internet of Things), A.I. (Artifical Intelligence), and HCD (Human Centered Design). She regularly attends design meetups in Austin to meet other creatives and learn their perspective in the industry. 
In addition to her course work, she was enrolled in a Dadageek course from January to March 2017 in Austin, which involved coding in p5.js. Outside of design, she is drawn to sculpture and how people interact with objects in a given space (she even welded a 6ft sculpture, as pictured bottom right), cooking with her new cast iron skillet, and discovering the big personality of her rescued eight-year-old German Shepherd, Bru.

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