Design for Experiences | Jeff Davis
July 2017
In collaboration with: Christian Berg, Stevie Boyrie, Rachael Briggs, Austin Dennis,
Nick Gatti, Valerie Lamm, Lorena Martinez, and Christina Rodriguez
Introduction: Trying to coordinate between a household’s differing schedules can be challenging. Today, people are spending less time then they should on preparing and cooking meals as a household. This, in return, has lead to a lack of knowledge about food and nutrition. In addition, these problems have contributed to the growing problem of food waste globally.
Problem: Today, devices are cluttered with a plethora of apps promising to better enhance a users experience. The problem? Trying to navigate between each specific app has proven to create a frustrating experience. Instead, Nutrish takes the form of a ubiquitous technology ecosystem that seeks to help households resolve nutritional preferences, schedule conflicts, and food waste.
In the wake of the Amazon/Whole Foods merger, many grocery stores are eagerly trying to implement their strategy to compete against Amazon and its services. 
Using this information, how might integrated technology and the current H-E-B Grocery platform, bring a household together to become more aware of nutrition, and also showing users the effects of food waste?
Design Thinking:
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